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PRO: API Design & Technology [clear filter]
Monday, September 10

12:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Data Feed Model in the Age of APIs
Various categories of the eBay data feeds provide details of purchasable items across marketplaces and product categories. They enable authorized partners around the globe to programmatically access huge selections of eBay items and curate the inventory of their choice. Real-time APIs and data feeds for bulk updates open the door to creating successful experiences for buying from eBay anywhere. By combining these capabilities, partners tailor integrations to meet their business needs and to optimize on their resources. Considering eBay scale, top challenges we faced were bringing data together from many different sources, nearly real-time data synchronization, and support for reconciliation to ensure data consistency. This presentation outlines approaches we took to enable partners to provide their users with a consumer-centric experience. Such experience gives opportunities to buyers to discover new products, find what they want, and purchase what they like.

avatar for Tanya Vlahovic

Tanya Vlahovic

Software Architect, eBay
Tanya Vlahovic is a senior software architect at eBay Inc.She is leading the public API Governance team and the overall public API decomposition and namespace definition. Tanya is an active contributor to eBay’s technical standards and patterns for both internal and external web... Read More →

Monday September 10, 2018 12:00pm - 12:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

1:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Build vs. Buy? The ROI of Different APIs
Adding new integration use cases is the fastest way to turn your product into a platform. Integrations have proven ROI in being able to attract net new customers and up-sell existing ones. But how will you get there? And how fast? This session will cover 6 guiding questions that will help weigh speed, expertise, control, and complexity as a part of the overall expense in deciding which integrations you should build in house versus buying your way out of the product backlog. Based on the metadata and request/return of resources across a 150 applications ranging from Slack to SAP Business One.

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Chase Doelling

Head of Product & Alliances Marketing, Cloud Elements
Chase is the Director of Alliances Marketing and previously Product Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements helping customers navigate the complexities of API based integrations. When he's not getting error codes from APIs he gets them from his toddler in Denver.

Monday September 10, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

2:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: RTFM Read the Friendly Manual
The best API in the world is doomed to fail if it doesn’t have a proper support framework around it. A Reference Guide is a good start, but if you want to build a true community around your APIs, you need to approach this from a complete integration life-cycle perspective. This talk focuses on the strategies and tactics necessary to build an ecosystem around your API, using PayPal’s Merchant Integrations Platform as a use case study of how true end-to-end thinking turned its developer portal from a liability into a profit center. Topics covered will include: • Driving conversion through developer-friendly design. • Documentation (done the right way) • Implementing a tight feedback loop between API users and product development teams. • Positive and Negative testing strategies for your APIs • Challenges of integration testing environments • The importance of a Developer Relations program

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Lenny Markus

Director of Engineering, PayPal
I have been involved in technology over the last 18 years either as a people manager or an individual contributor. I’m a problem solver at heart and I’ve spent the last seven years at PayPal working on a variety of interesting challenges, leading teams to create elegant solutions... Read More →

Monday September 10, 2018 2:00pm - 2:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

3:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Emulators as an Emerging Best Practices for API providers
Modern software leverage a lot of external APIs, which raises several issues: how can development teams safely build and test their software when some components they rely on keep evolving. And what if some of these components are key for the whole software to even fire up. These are some of the challenges faced today by Cisco internal development teams, but also partner and enterprise developers using Cisco's software. The industry proposes two main strategies to circumvent these challenges: API Mocking, and Service Virtualization. Both of these strategies have pro and cons. I came up with the idea of proposing API emulators has a 3rd option. From another perspective, Serverless platforms are recognized to be unique as they are scalable and straightforward to use. It turns out that major industry vendors (Google, Amazon, Microsoft…) have invested to create Emulator as companions to their Serverless platforms, in order to attract, on-board and have developers adopt Serverless platforms. In this talk, I'll explain the motivation behind API emulators, in the perspective of DevOps, CI/CD, Development Processes, and Serverless/Microservices architectures. I'll illustrate the talk with several prototypes: - Mini-Spark: an Emulator for the Cisco Spark API which mimics the execution environment of the Cisco Spark Cloud platform - Tropo-Ready: an Emulator for Tropo Serverless Telephony platform, tied it to Visual Studio Code in order to reach to developer communities I'll dive into the details of the process to create such emulators, and elaborate on the consideration that Emulators are emerging as key components of API providers's strategy.

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Stève Sfartz

API Architect, Cisco DevNet
NeXT developer back in the 90's, Stève Sfartz got among the first Java certified developers, then evangelized .Net and Azure at Microsoft. As VP of engineering, Stève set up the development and operations teams for Kosmos's Digital SaaS for Education, then, at Restlet, built the... Read More →

Monday September 10, 2018 3:00pm - 3:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

4:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: What's an API Style Guide and Why Do You Need One?
As your footprint of public or internal APIs grows so will the number of hands working on them and the chance for inconsistent interfaces to creep in. In this session you will learn about why an API style guide is important and how it will help create a better developer experience. We will also walk through the key sections of a great style guide and cover areas that are often debated by engineers.

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Rich Chetwynd

Product Manager APIs, OneLogin
Rich Chetwynd is the head of developer experience at OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management. Chetwynd is responsible for all things developer at the company. Before OneLogin he started three companies including Litmos.com (acquired by CallidusCloud Inc, NASDAQ: CALD), ThisData.com... Read More →

Monday September 10, 2018 4:00pm - 4:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

5:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Top 10 Ways to Building Always Available Microservices
In this session, we will deep dive into Top 10 ways to building Always Available Microservices from a real world practitioner perspective. We will deep dive into various resiliency techniques and architecture in the cloud to create micro services that are available 99.999999% of the time to serve customer traffic. Some of the techniques that we will be discussing include designing Active-Active or Active-Passive Inter Region Architectures, creating redundancy and High Availability at each layer of the architecture including downstream services, paying close attention to selection and provisioning of technology stack including application and database servers, using techniques such as Sharding, right sizing, horizontal and vertical scaling, rate limiting, application traffic throttling, synchronous and asynchronous operations, circuit breakers, monitoring and alerting and many other interesting concepts. You will be able to walk away from the session knowing what it takes to creating always available, resilient and stable Microservices!!

avatar for Chintan Jain

Chintan Jain

SVP, Security Engineering & Architecture, Security Mantra Corporation
Chintan Jain is an accomplished cyber security visionary, technology and thought leader with more than 15 years of rich full cycle experience in Cyber Security Engineering & Architecture mainly in the areas of Identity & Access Management, Application, Infrastructure and Cloud Security... Read More →

Monday September 10, 2018 5:00pm - 5:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3
Tuesday, September 11

9:00am PDT

PRO TALK: The 4 Million Dollar API
We’ve all been involved with a project that wouldn't get out the door. It’s important to learn from our mistakes – especially the not-so-obvious ones that tend to get repeated. SmartBear’s Shannon Wallace discusses the traps to avoid – like moving to third party tools when in-house software will suffice – when building APIs so that products can be released in record time with the high quality that is expected by the company and customers. She references an API that took over three years to develop without seeing the light of day. With six developers working on the API for over three years, the API has now cost over 4 million dollars to build. Shannon provides helpful tips associated with each roadblock encountered while building this API.

avatar for Shannon Wallace

Shannon Wallace

API Product Manager, SmartBear Software
Shannon Wallace is an API Product Manager at SmartBear, leading a talented group of engineers who build API tools. She currently manages the leading API testing tool, Swagger Inspector, and SwaggerHub, the API design and documentation platform for teams. Previously, she served Constant... Read More →

Tuesday September 11, 2018 9:00am - 9:50am PDT
Workshop Room 3

10:00am PDT

PRO TALK: The Product Journey of an API Product
The Product Journey of an API Product Most of the product managers get lost to understand what role do they play while building an API based product. In this presentation, I would like to cover the following a. Role of Product Manager vs Engineering Team vs Architect c. How API Product Management is different from Experience Product Management d. API Product Maturity Lifecycle e. Product Positioning and GTM Strategy for API Product f. Best Practices for Building an API Product I would like to use one of the real-life case studies of my journey of building and marketing an API Product at PayPal and share some of the best practices we defined and discovered in the journey to share with other product leaders in this space.

avatar for Savitha Ajitraj

Savitha Ajitraj

Senior Product Manager, PayPal
Savitha has close to a decade of experience in Product Management with primary focus on the online marketplaces, customer service and eCommerce. She has built several products/platforms in different types of ecosystems ranging from Enterprise F500s to fledgling Startups for both global... Read More →

Tuesday September 11, 2018 10:00am - 10:50am PDT
Workshop Room 3

11:00am PDT

PRO TALK:If You Document It, They Will Come
Your documentation is frequently the first impression a developer has of your API and your service. If your API documentation is sparse, inaccurate, and inconsistent, chances are that your API is too. Even with the most well-designed API, it still takes good API documentation to drive developer adoption. If you leave your developers guessing, they just might go somewhere else. In this talk, we'll take a look at some ways to bump up your documentation game.

avatar for Joyce Lin

Joyce Lin

Developer Evangelist, Postman
Joyce is a Developer Evangelist with Postman. Postman is used by 5 million developers and more than 100,000 companies to access 130 million APIs every month. She frequently works with both API builders and API consumers, and has strong opinions about do's and don't when it comes to... Read More →

Tuesday September 11, 2018 11:00am - 11:50am PDT
Workshop Room 3

1:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: 5 Secrets About Moving to a (Micro) Services Architecture That I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago
The concept of microservices, or even just services as they’re more so being referred to today, has matured from buzzword into a popular architecture and software development approach across a diverse range of industries. So, if we’re on board with an approach of building lego blocks vs. getting entangled in the spaghetti monster, what’s next? Hear from Eventbrite’s Galen Krumel, VP of Engineering, about five key benefits of moving from a more traditional Silicon Valley dev approach to a Platform-centric approach has been a game-changer for the company, for the 100+ API partners that plug into the platform, and for the 50M+ consumers that purchased a ticket on Eventbrite last year.

avatar for Galen Krumel

Galen Krumel

Vice President of Engineering, Eventbrite
Galen Krumel is Vice President of Engineering at Eventbrite, supporting a team of software engineers that are building the world’s largest ticketing and event technology platform. Under his leadership, his team is responsible for a number of key engineering responsibilities from... Read More →

Tuesday September 11, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

2:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Scaling an API Ecosystem to Deliver Millions of Assets to Enterprises Globally
Migrating a high traffic, customer facing production application and infrastructure to the cloud is no small task. With some of the world’s leading businesses depending on your technology and content, the stakes are high and the requirements are many. Shutterstock recently embarked on a technology transformation which led to organizational, cultural and technical changes in a mission to grow beyond an e-commerce site to serving many global enterprises through a creative platform. Shutterstock empowers business around the world with high-quality images, video, music and design tools through its API partners such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and IBM. In this talk, Peter Silvio, Vice President of Engineering and Architecture, will share best practices in transitioning to a globally distributed cloud infrastructure to better manage, measure, and manipulate your API. He will outline the decisions made and challenges faced in relation to talent, process and technology. Main audience takeaways: 1. Understanding the decision tree for implementing an API ecosystem. 2. How to best invest in resiliency and monitoring of your API. 3. How to educate technical and non-technical stakeholders about scaling a API Ecosystem.

avatar for Peter Silvio

Peter Silvio

VP Engineering and Architecture, Shutterstock
Peter Silvio is a Vice President of Engineering for Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. A passionate technology leader with over 20 years of experience, he has spent the past decade architecting and building distributed service platforms and designing data architecture not just for... Read More →

Tuesday September 11, 2018 2:00pm - 2:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 3

4:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Efficiently Processing Large Data Transfers Through APIs
API layers for complex products might need to query other micro-services behind the scenes to access the data required. This is easy for simple queries, but what if the request is to download a 1 GB large file, or to upload 1 GB of content to an internal service? In this talk, we will explore how an API layer can fulfill its responsibilities like authentication and rate-limiting while not impacting the performance of data transfers to or from internal services. We will demonstrate how open source tools like nginx can be used in conjunction with the API server to meet scaling requirements easily.

avatar for Vinod Chandru

Vinod Chandru

CTO, Kloudless
Vinod Chandru is CTO and Co-Founder at Kloudless, where he builds product and enables customers to accelerate their application integrations. Kloudless provides unified APIs to code once and integrate many business applications with a single implementation.

Tuesday September 11, 2018 4:00pm - 4:30pm PDT
Workshop Room 3