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PRO:Emerging APIs [clear filter]
Wednesday, September 12

9:00am PDT

PRO TALK: APIs that Power Today's Fintech Startups
Cover breadth of APIs which are key building blocks of today's FinTech world

avatar for Deepak Shah

Deepak Shah

Director of Engineering, Yodlee Inc
True Polygot leader! - carrying responsibilities of Architecture, Engineering, Delivery, Team Success, navigate and work-across functional teams (Sales, Engineering, QA, Dev-Ops, Security, marketing) to achieve organizational goals, Developer Relations, Evangelism, Customer SuccessAll... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 9:00am - 9:50am PDT
Workshop Room 2

10:00am PDT

Dating apps are on the rise, but the key to every dating app is its APIs.

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Tim Zaitsev

Vice President of Engineering, The League
Tim Zaitsev is the Vice President of Engineering at The League, a dating app that combines data and social graphs from both Facebook and LinkedIn to offer privacy from coworkers, more context about a potential match, and a curated community of ambitious singles who desire an equally... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 10:00am - 10:50am PDT
Workshop Room 2

1:00pm PDT

PRO TALK:The role of bits in the world of cars: How APIs are shaping the ability of automotive companies to compete
It is the world of atoms that has traditionally been the driver for the excitement around cars. A timeless design, an energetic engine, or a comfortable interior. Today, the headlines around cars around driven by bits, not atoms. Car manufacturers and their suppliers are challenged to upgrade their IT infrastructures. New entrants do not carry the baggage of legacy IT systems and technology products from the consumer space set customer expectations the digital abilities of today’s and tomorrow’s cars. As the convergence of bits and atoms drives the roadmap of the automotive giants, digital services are increasingly playing a central role in connecting companies with new or established partners, both from the traditional industry as well as outside of the traditional boundaries of car manufacturers for instance in the home elec- tronics, service delivery, or smart cities space. Partnerships to deliver a novel, electrifying new experience for drivers and riders as cars are becoming a beacon of information and entertainment. These new partnerships will largely be facilitated by digital services. APIs are the means of choice to enable those service—with open questions today around business models, legal constructs, as well as data security and interoperability. This talk is set to answer some of those open questions around APIs in automotive.

avatar for Christian	Umbach

Christian Umbach

Co-founder & CEO, Xapix
Christian is actively building the API integration and data exchange platform xapix.io with a global team to shape the future world of Bits around us. Based in the US, he is a Masters Fellow in System Design and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 2

2:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Securing API using Google’s BeyondCorp Model
Due to the advent of mobile and cloud technologies, customers and remote workforce are accessing applications across the perimeter of the enterprise. This is stretching the conventional perimeter security with additional attack vectors. Once firewall is breached, the attacker may acquire unlimited access. To deal with the new paradigm, Google implemented a new enterprise security model called BeyondCorp. The central tenets of BeyondCorp are: 1) Entitlements of a service are granted based on the identity of the user and device. 2) Internet and intranet are equally untrusted networks. 3) Access to services must be encrypted. API gateways currently use OAuth2 to validate clients’ entitlement. Using BeyondCorp model, API security is extended to the tuple of user, device and roles. This talk covers how to implement high performance BeyondCorp model in API gateway. It will also discusses required backend components such as; authentication including single sign on (SSO), device inventory, RBAC/ ABAC service, audit and alert services. RBAC and ABAC matrix can be complicated when a large number of APIs, users and devices are considered. This talk provides guidance on how to make it easy for administrators to create this matrix. Finally, it discusses a plan for gradual migration to BeyondCorp

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Anil Sharma

President & CEO, Trillo Inc.
Anil is CEO and founder of Trillo. Trillo is a full stack, low-code, visual and secure platform for building applications. Trillo is based on model-driven and serverless principles. Prior to Trillo, Anil was co-founder of two more platform and middleware companies. He is passionate... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 2:00pm - 2:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 2

3:00pm PDT

PRO TALK: Only Good Users - Using Data-Intelligence APIs to Enhance Identity and Grow a Stable User Base
By 2020, more than 4 billion individuals will be using the internet. And this means, millions of new online accounts and users to manage, leaving businesses with several pieces of scattered user data to draw out customer information and preferences. Managing these preferences while keeping our fraudsters can be a tall task for any business, big or small. However, leveraging data-intelligence APIs can drastically streamline this process and ensure stable user growth, thanks in large part to a simple bit of data – the phone number. Enhanced with AI and Machine Learning, data-intelligence APIs built around user phone numbers can enable businesses to create an accurate customer profile that evolves with the user by relying on a variety of data attributes such as real-time location, subscriber data and online traffic patterns. In this presentation, Stacy Stubblefield, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the leading global cloud communications company TeleSign (which works with 20 of the 25 largest internet brands in the world), will show how businesses around the world are adapting to the evolving identity landscape and using valuable customer insights delivered by single APIs to verify users and grow revenues. During this session, Stacy will show how to integrate data-intelligence APIs into user verification and communication workflows, how Machine Learning enhances this data and allows businesses to evolve with their users, and provide case studies of innovative solutions businesses have been able to build on top of phone number data. Armed with this information, attendees can walk away ready to create a smarter and safer online user experiences that ensures only good users are let in and they never want to leave.

avatar for Stacy Stubblefield

Stacy Stubblefield

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, TeleSign
Stacy Stubblefield - Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, TeleSign Stacy Stubblefield is a Co-founder of TeleSign and serves as its Chief Innovation Officer. In her role, she helps drives TeleSign's product strategy and identify developing opportunities for innovation within the... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 3:00pm - 3:50pm PDT
Workshop Room 2